“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Vince Lombardi

  • As an employer, LIVE GROUP adheres to the principle of equal opportunities and follows its own corporate policy, which determines how the company should act. Our responsibility is to provide employees with a safe and supportive work environment respect their rights and contribute to their professional development. 

    To maintain leadership in the market, we need to anticipate the needs of our customers every day and exceed their expectations. Therefore, it is so important for us to create and maintain such a microclimate in the company that promotes the growth and development of employees. 

    If you want to work and develop in the LIVE GROUP, then you can send your CV here: hr@thelivecoffee.ru 

    If you want to get acquainted with the current open vacancies that are, you need to follow the link: https://hh.ru/employer/3237290




    We know: our true strength is in our team. We know that in order to succeed, you need to help others to succeed. And so we are trying to simplify lives around us. We set clear goals, which ensures that our efforts are always focused in the right direction.




    We are looking for people who are ready to be proactive, constantly look for the best options and bring ideas to life. We hire those who are better than us. We want to work with those who are ethical.




    We are a customer service oriented company. We understand what urgency means. We make reasonable decisions and immediately begin to implement them. We value honest and timely feedback.


  • HR Process 

    Recruitment in LIVE GROUP is designed to provide the company with competent and highly professional employees. The selection of employees in LIVE GROUP corresponds to three main principles: the principle of equal conditions and opportunities for candidates, the principle of open competition, the principle of priority of professionalism. 

    The recruitment procedure consists of the following stages: 

    1. CV competition 

    2. telephone interviews 

    3. face-to-face interview about competencies with an HR manager 

    4. face-to-face case interview with a direct supervisor 

    5. professional testing or testing of verbal and mathematical abilities (in order to obtain more complete information about the applicant, individual testing can be applied to the candidateby agreement).




    When you enter the LIVE GROUP team, you will be connected to an effective system of adaptation for new employees. An HR specialist and mentor will be assigned to help you, who will oversee you throughout the entire adaptation period. They will introduce you to the history of the company, to its current place in the market, to the company's products and its activities, you will know its rules - formal and informal, internal regulations and traditions. On a regular basis, you will receive feedback about your work through a series of interviews with your immediate supervisor and your HR specialist. You can always tell your mentor about the difficulties that you have and, together you will outline all possible solutions.

    LIVE GROUP works federally throughout Russia and with all distribution channels, its organizational structure and business scaling allow employees to develop not only professionally, but to build a managerial career and change the scope of their professional interests.



    LIVE GROUP respects the Labor Code and complies with the Russian Federation labor laws.

    LIVE GROUP has a clear and transparent motivation systems that depend on the achievement of specific goals and are expressed quantitatively.

    We have flexibe, graded social packages.

    At LIVE GROUP, employees have real opportunities for training and gaining valuable experience. We regularly conduct internal training, strategic sessions, and also finance external training for employees (VET, continuing education).

    There is no place for impersonality in LIVE GROUP. Here, professionalism and performance are valued more than position.