About us:

Live Cafe is a network of mini healthy coffee-to-go coffee houses, combining quality coffee and affordable price. We opened the first coffee house at the end of 2017 and never stopped there. Today, our network has more than 17 mini-coffee houses.

Our coffee has a unique author's roasting, thanks to which all healthy and useful properties are preserved in it so the excellent taste is guaranteed. 

We have our own Training Center, where we conduct full-fledged multi-level training for the barista.

All our employees are experts in their field, and every day we give our guests positive emotions and cheerfulness. 


•Vavilova st., d.19

• Oryzjeiny per. d.41

• Volgogradsky pr-t d 32 p 45

• 2nd Ujnoportovy proezd, d.12A

• Kutuzovsky Prospect d. 32 building 1

• Bolshaya Andronievskaya st., 8

• Korovy Val,  d.5

• st. Novoslobodskaya d 41

• st. Poklonnaya d. 3 to 2.

• st. Poklonnaya d. 3 to 3.

• st. Cherepovetskaya d.20

• st. Raspletina d. 10

• Preobrazhenskaya ploshad d.7a

• Prospect Mira, d. 119 p. 227

• st. Taganskaya d.31 / 22

• g. Mytishchi, Novomytishchi Prospect d.5 k 1Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Minsk highway 19 km 




60 ml

300 ml

400 ml

500 м

Double espresso 

100 rub




100 rub

130 rub




150 rub

170 rub

190 rub



170 rub

190 rub

210 rub



200 rub

230 rub

260 rub

Flat White


170 rub




180 rub

210 rub

240 rub

No coffee:


300 ml

400 ml

500 ml

Assorted leaf tea

100 rub


Matcha Tea

220 rub

240 rub

260 rub

Hot chocolate

170 rub

190 rub

210 rub

Seasonal drinks:


300 ml

400 ml

500 ml

Ice Latte Raspberry Mint

200 rub

220 rub

240 rub

Cappuccino Ice Cream

200 rub

220 rub

240 rub

Raf Creamy Orange

220 rub

240 rub

260 rub

Assorted lemonade

  170 rub  
 Ice Matcha  

280 rub



What we offer to our partners:

  • Help in choosing a room for a coffee shop

  • Equipment specification

  • Employee training

  • Service team to launch the coffee shop

  • Complete support and management of the franchisee in the process of work

Business cooperation stages:

  • Filling in the application form / Acquaintance

  • Detailed negotiations and discussions of Agreement and cooperation

  • Agreement execution

  • Lump-sum payment

  • Transfer of Franchised package

  • Approval of the premises

  • Approval of the design project, arrangement and specification of equipment

  • Repair and order equipment, furniture

  • Training and certification of employees

  • Coffee shop reception

  • Opening a coffee shop

Our advantages:

Run-in system

Within 1.5 years we have opened 16 own successful and profitable coffee houses. We are pleased to share our business experience with our partners.

Own production

For more than 10 years we have been professionally engaged in roasting coffee beans and are one of the largest suppliers of coffee to all federal and local stores, airlines, coffee houses, offices, restaurants, etc. We guarantee our partners low prices for high-quality coffee beans and constant supplies.

Training of partner employee

At our Training Center employees are trained service standards, the preparation of coffee drinks, paperwork and the register system. An employee of our company will also help you during launching process.

Full operational support

To comply with company’s standards, attract new customers, achieve the intended financial results we are practicing constant cooperation between our specialists and our partner during the whole process of operation of coffee houses.

Cooperation with trusted and reliable food, equipment and related products suppliers

We only cooperate with reliable and trusted suppliers who are providing us with the highest quality products and equipment at special prices.

Franchising Package Price:

Number of coffee houses

Lump sum


1 to 3 coffee houses

350 000 rub.
(One time for each)

6% of Gross Revenue

3 or more coffee houses

250 000 rub.
(One time for each)

5% of Gross Revenue

Coffee Shop Format:



Required power

Investments (including lump-sum payment)


Coffee point

From 4 до 10m2

6 kW

975 000 rub.

From 8 months


From 10 to 20m2

12 - 15 kW

1 200 000 rub.

From 10 months

Coffee house

From 20 до 70m2

15 - 20 kW

1 900 000 rub.

From 15 months