ARIGATO  - cookies with an uncompromising combination of taste and low sugar content.


The Japanese Molaplan technology made it possible to obtain unique biscuits with a crispy and delicate texture and preserve sweetness with a limited sugar content. A bright example of a dessert which is not only tasty and healthy, but also does not harm the form.


Translated from Japanese, Arigatō ( ) means "Thank you." Thanks to ARIGATO cookies, giving thanks becomes easy.

Chocolate biscuit shortbread cookies will give you a maximum pleasure. The taste and aroma of cocoa, familiar since childhood, will be opened from a new perspective, thanks to a combination of unusual receipt and natural ingredients.


Weight: 120g

ARIGATO Chocolate Chip Cookies

The alluring aroma of vanilla, delicate taste and the romantic shape of the cookies themselves will not leave anyone indifferent. Present a box of cookies to a friend, relative, loved one or colleague as a token of gratitude. Your care will be appreciated!


Weight: 130g

ARIGATO Vanilla Cookies

The combination of a crispy and soft structure with a rich nutty flavor and aroma makes cookies even more attractive. Adding nuts enriched the dessert recipe and made it more solid and healthy.


Weight: 130g

ARIGATO walnut cookies

Gingerbread cookie is a great idea for a gift to loved ones for the holidays. Despite the fact that adding ginger to sweet pastries came to Russia from Europe, the Japanese also actively use ginger to make desserts.


Weight: 100g

ARIGATO ginger cookie