Live Group participated in PRODEXPO 2019 - the largest international food and beverage forum in Russia and Eastern Europe.


The aroma of fresh coffee, a coffee package flying in the air, holograms – just a few things that made the guests and participants of the exhibition stay on the stand. The company introduced its new products.


Live Coffee, Drive for Life has been known and loved in our country and beyond. Le petit NUAGE honey soufflé is also pleased and took its place in grocery baskets and in the hearts of customers.


A completely different matter is ARIGATO cookies, LIVE TEA tea, ABSOLUT natural and instant coffee. These products have already declared themselves loudly and won a demanding audience. And the start has been done. Very soon customers will be able to see these products in many stores across the country.

Russian Investment Forum in Sochi

Live Coffee at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.


Live Group took part in the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. At the SME partner bank stand, participants and guests of the forum were personally convinced in the magic of Live Coffee. Barista didn’t just prepare invigorating drinks, but created magic with all the appropriate effects.


41st Moscow International Film Festival

Live Coffee revived the 41st Moscow International Film Festival.


For the first time, Live Group has become a partner of the Moscow International Film Festival.


The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the festival were fanned by the aroma of Live Coffee. But not only ceremony guests enjoyed the invigorating drink and admired its taste. For the jury and media representatives, coffee has become a must. Watching and evaluating all movies of the film festival is much easier and more enjoyable with a cup of an energizing drink.


Positive reviews about our coffee were especially pleasant from foreign guests of the film festival. Good films and delicious coffee - this is how the 41st Moscow International Film Festival will be remembered.

Sky Service 2019

Fly with Live Coffee.


Live Coffee on Board – is an essential attribute and guarantee of excellent flight. And Sky Service is a great place to meet  even more new fans of Live Coffee.


The annual participation in the forum has become a good tradition and a wonderful occasion for meeting partners and friends.


Sky Service 2019 was held in Gostiny Dvor and gathered more than 2500 visitors.

SIAL China 2019 г.

Le petit NUAGE at SIAL China 2019.


And again, our honey souffle won the participants and guests hearts of the 2019 SIAL China exhibition.


The China International Food Exhibition is a great place to meet the latest treats. But le petit NUAGE is not a newcomer;  for several years in a row, our honey souffle has been collecting delighted reviews from foreigners.


Whipped honey with berries and fruits delights with its unique taste and originality of embodimentfrom the first spoon.


You will immediately find your favorite one - a wide range of products allows you to choose the look that will attract to you!

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019

Live Coffee is an exclusive provider of an invigorating drink at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.


Throughout all 3 days of the forum, guests and participants could enjoy the freshest aromatic coffee, specially roasted for the event and professionally prepared by the deserved barista.


The individual approach, the author's recipe and the unique taste of the drink won everyones heart. Mr. Shuvalov was no exception, personally noted the high quality of the product.


A unique event in the world of economics and business was held under the slogan of: Live Coffee - Live Communication. After all, any issues are resolved faster and easier when there is a delicious coffee.

Crazy Owl

Live Coffee supported the most massive night ultramarathon in Russia.


Crazy Owl 50 race took place in Pereslavl-Zalessky on June 15-16. More than 1200 people from different cities of Russia were participating. An authentic  feature of the race was the time of the event. A prerequisite for the ultramarathon is the time to start - exactly at midnight, and the venue changes annually. But the support for Live Coffee remains the same year by year. Participants loved our coffee! 


For several years, Live Coffee has been a regular partner of the race and is always ready to share an aromatic and invigorating drink. Regular participants are already familiar with the most useful coffee, and newcomers are even more lucky. Everybody gets participation in the ultramarathon and Live Coffee as a gift.

Fancy Food Show Summer 2019

Le petit NUAGE at the Fancy Food Show Summer 2019. 


The Le petit NUAGE honey souffle continues its triumphal march, conquering more and more new countries and continents. On June 23-25, the Fancy Food Show Summer 2019 was held in New York - an international exhibition of food, drinks and delicacies with a 60-year history. This event annually brings together more than 2500 companies operating in the food industry, representing different countries all over the world.



This year, Le petit NUAGE honey souffle became a full-fledged participant in the largest food exhibition in the United States. A limited edition was released specially for the exhibition. The design of the honey souffle clearly shows and talks about the product and how it can be used. The guests of the stand could personally try all the tastes of the honey dessert. No indifference left. Honey souffle Le petit NUAGE has won expert reviews and love  from visitors. Now there are even more fans of honey soufflé!

Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100

 Live Coffee at the most massive cross-country race in Russia.


Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100 is the only ultramarathon in Russia that is a member of the Association of International Marathons and Races (AIMS).


For several years, Live Coffee has been actively supporting the race participants - it helps, it charges! As parts of the ultramarathon, there were races at distances of 10 km, 20 km, 30 km, 50 km and 100 km.


At the maximum distance, 505 participants were starting, having improved the record of the Book of Records of Russia in the number of starts per 100 km. There were participants from 30 countries of the world.

New Live Coffee

New Live Coffee. 


“Movement is a life!” Aristotle once said. We never rest on our laurels and are pleased to present you the update of our beloved Live Coffee!


We have improved the blends of our core collection. Carefully selected arabica beans from 3 equatorial countries and combined into a separate Geographic  line: 

Burbon (Colombia); 

Rio-Rio (Brazil); 

Mokka (Ethiopia). 


A collection for fans to dig into the bright world of real exotic, without leaving home. Premium Arabica has become a true masterpiece, the inspiration of our blenders.


The taste of this coffee is so rich and refined that we decided to devide it into a separate “Golden” Classic line for true gourmets. We plan to supplement this line in the very near future. Moving forward makes us looking for new  delicious and healthy recipes for you in future. And we promise to never stop!