Training Center

LIVE GROUP has opened a training center, and invites everyone to take over the experience gained by our experts during  13 years of work: from roasting coffee beans to making exotic coffee drinks.


You will find out what types of coffee exsist, how and where they grow, how the process of grinding happens, types of roasting, and how they affect the taste of coffee. At practical classes, you will learn to work with all types of coffee grinders and coffee machines.


And, of course, learn how to prepare and decorate amazing coffee-based drinks.


1. Barista: base


A basic course where you will learn the basic features of making coffee and get acquainted with the equipment.


2. Barista: expert


The course is aimed to study the difficulties of preparing complex compound drinks and working with professional equipment.


3. Coffee shop manager


You will learn how to manage a coffee house from A to Z, find out what you need to pay attention to, and understand all organizational aspects.